Past Editions

AJD-Alto Jonio Dance Italy New York 2014 took place at City Center
Stusios NYC. The jury was formed by Michael Mao, Director of the Michael Mao Dance; Ellen Tharp, director of the Staten Island Ballet; Nicola Iervasi Artistic Director Mare Nostrum Elements; Carolyn Masone, creator of Essence of Italy; Noa Guy, world famous composer. Ornella Fado, former principal dancer with the Italian television show “Fantastico”, now independent producer of Brindiamo! broadcast on NYC life NYC. Sara Knight Director of SLK Ballet NYC. Virginie Mécène, choreographer and former principal dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company and current director of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance; The winner, Mana Kawamura, was awarded AJD – Alto Jonio Dance “Emerging Choreographer 2013”.

AJD-Alto Jonio Dance Italy New York 2013 took place during the Italian International Dance Festival at Julia Richman Theater. The jury was formed by Michael Mao, Director of the Michael Mao Dance; Ellen Tharp, director of the Staten Island Ballet; Nicola Iervasi and Kevin Albert, directors of Mare Nostrum Elements; Jacquelyn Buglisi, director of the Buglisi Dance Company; Carolyn Masone, creator of Essence of Italy; Natale Tulipani of; Elena Albano, director of the Aconcoli Dance; Vikki Cappiello, handler special event for @talent Unlimited; Alex Atzewi, director of the Atzewi Company; Jenny Dalzell, journalist for Dance Magazine NYC; Noa Guy, world famous composer. The winner, Oinie Daisuke, was awarded AJD-Alto Jonio Dance “Emerging Choreographer 2013”.

AJD-Alto Jonio Dance Italy – New York was open to “emerging” dancer/choreographers.
The jury panel for the competition included Michael Mao, director of Michael Mao Dance; Virginie Mécène, choreographer and former principal dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company and current director of the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance; Ornella Fado, former principal dancer with the Italian television show “Fantastico”, nowindependent producer of Brindiamo!; Gianluca Blandi, dancer and co-producer of AJD-Alto Jonio Dance; Nicola Iervasi, Artistic Director of Mare Nostrum Elements; Kevin Albert, executive director of Mare Nostrum Elements; Noa Guy, internationally acclaimed musician and composer; Carolyn Masone, journalist and photographer and creator of Essence of Italy.
The winner, Jonathan Campbell, was awarded AJD-Alto Jonio Dance “Emerging Choreographer 2012” from Silvano Bulgari.